News & Current Issues
Affecting 9-1-1


Although mostly ironed out now, cellular phone issues continue to be of importance to 9-1-1 operations. For the status of cellular phones and 9-1-1, click here.

Our current concerns for communications and 9-1-1 service is the new technology Voice Over IP or "VoIP". Click here for more information.

ALS or Automatic Location Services is in the works. We are hoping to test this service with a local EMS agency in the coming year of 2006.

Expansion of the Colbert County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center is underway. Through a Homeland Security Grant earlier this year, we have completed the first phase of modernizing our site security at the Center. Six new video monitor cameras have been installed at various points around the facility. In the past, we relied on two black and white cameras covering a limited area of the Center. Without a view to the outdoors, our Telecomunicators were essentially "blind" to something as simple as current weather conditions. This has changed, in addition to two new indoor cameras with a view outdoors, we also have two exterior dedicated cameras, one with "pan & tilt" capabilities. Gone is the black and white days, our new system is in color.